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This year I was in Italy for my Birthday.  It was a wonderful and happy day.
I think we all like to dress up for our Birthdays and this year I wanted a special dress, but I couldn’t find anything I liked in the shops. So I decided the only way to go was vintage.
I remember this dress on the catwalk. I loved it.  It was all over magazines at the time and famously was worn by Victoria Beckham to Elton John’s party. However I was far to young to have bought it when it was new.  I just admired it in Vogue on my lunch break at school. I have never seen one on Ebay or in a vintage shop before.  I think it is the kind of dress that most people keep because it’s so special. So when I found this one just before my birthday I knew it was meant to be. So here it is. I hope you love it like I do.  Shoes Jimmy Choo and Dress Vintage Roberto Cavalli found on Ebay.


  1. Coco* says:

    My Godness, Peony! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I really love it! Congratulations! 😀

  2. Mlle W says:

    happy birthday to one of the most beautiful bloggers on the sceens. Sounds cliche and perhaps trite to you but with the dress and your beauty I have David Bowie’s China Girl as a soundtrack…

  3. Snuffeldyret says:

    Wow! You are truly stunning in that dress!

  4. Kit says:

    Peony, you looked so beautiful in Roberto Cavalli dress, can’t believe you found it on ebay!

  5. Adele says:

    Wow! The Cavalli dress is stunning, so you & you look absolutely amazing in it…some things are just meant to be.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo
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  6. Noemi says:

    Wow, Peony, you look amazing in this dress!!! Happy birthday to you, it looks like you had great fun!
    Been following your blog for a while and it really is an inspiration, I love your style! xx

  7. This is such a beautiful dress. You look Gorgeous here too.

    Happy birthday Peony!

  8. mila says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!!
    How did you manage to find the dress in your size?

  9. fifi says:

    wow! beautiful!! happy birthday!!

  10. ftashion says:

    Oh my, it is just stunning! The perfect birthday dress and you look just perfect!


  11. Sara says:

    WOW! You make the dress look absolutely stunning. Happy Birthday and I hope you had a wonderous time in Italy!


  12. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m totally in love with that dress, what a remarkable find. You look like a vase!

  13. strapple says:

    The dress looks amazing! So unique. Great find, especially if it was in your size.

  14. Happy birthday, Poeny! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress!


  15. Carly says:

    So I actually gasped out aloud when I saw the full length shot. WOW! It’s incredibly special – a perfect birthday dress indeed! Love your blog.

  16. cbSallee says:

    That dress is beyond gorgeous on you! Happy belated birthday:)

  17. Aisha Jimoh says:

    My jaw is still OPEN at how amazing you look in this dress! Absolutely stunning xxx

  18. WOW! i remember that dress as well! looks gorgeous on you!


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  19. Ashley Rose says:

    This is just magnificent!!!!!

  20. Looks like it was made to fit you – I hope you had to get it taken in and you weren’t just extremely lucky to find something on eBay which fits perfectly, because that NEVER happens to me! Happy Birthday Peony! Emma Louise Layla Xx

  21. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful dress and congratulations. Peony, is this a rental villa you are staying at, would you reveal the name and location, please?Thanks and regards, Nora

  22. honestly it looks a lot better on you than on posh! happy birthday x

  23. Daringleo says:

    You look so so lovely.

  24. I like your hair. You’re simple but has a lovely face.. I love your long dress, one of my favorite is blue dress.

  25. Federica says:

    Do You resell this dress? I’m interested!!!