A jumper and cords


Winter really is here.  Which means it’s time to bring out the cords. They are warm, retro and chic. They remind me of being young and yet they feel grown up. Cords for me have so many memories. I think they are particularly english.  What clothes do you bring out for winter?


  1. g.ta says:

    love your jumper!! your puppy is so cute!! =`)


  2. Gorgeous 🙂 Love your hair!

    Best, Carin

  3. H, says:

    what a comfy jumper and i love the pants!

  4. I really love cords for the same reason as you – so many happy, warm memories of growing up wearing it. It’s mostly the traditional materials and textures for me in Winter, tweed coats and jacket, cashmere wraps, Aran/cable knits and leather knee boots.

  5. Adele says:

    Love the layering with the chunky knit & fur vest.
    All my faux fur comes out for winter…coat, vests, hat, stoles etc etc!
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  6. I love the jumper. For winter I love layering & bringing out my chunky scarves and colourful gloves! 🙂 /Madison

  7. Love the comfy outfit! you look beautiful 🙂 I bring out my fur vests for winter!

    xoxo, Tiffany

  8. you look so cute and lovely jumper 🙂


  9. I love this whole look.Casual but very chic. Fab! By the way who was the lucky person that won your Gap competition? x


  10. RFK says:

    I adore this outfit and how fab is mum’s Birkin and dog lead?! It’s so elegant yet casual. The most ideal bit of it really is that it’s so achievable and would look good on just about anyone. I miss winter so much! It’s boiling here in Melbourne!

    K xx

  11. Bostonista says:

    I love this outfit! Its so chic but comfortable! I hate winter dressing but you might be inspring me a little!


  12. Mani says:

    Your dog is too cute! Lovely outfit by the way, you pull off those pants so well

  13. Julye says:

    Your puppy is so cute !!!! love your bag 😉


  14. Miss Kwong says:

    This look is so easy to achieve, so comfy and lovely… and it’s great for winter!
    loving your blogpost once again!

    And is London not cold? You can go out without boots!

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  15. Belle says:

    beautiful and that dog, ahhhh!

  16. Kelly says:

    Cozy and stylish!! That dog is soooo cute!!