Working Girl

Sometimes we all have to go to work… by which I mean, a proper-office-situation. I tend to avoid the endless computer screens as much as possible – I strongly associate them with accounting = boring (I was never that great at maths) – but now and then all of us must visit a serious office.  This is my version of the working girl.

Shoes Christian Louboutin, Trousers Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Shirt K by Karl Largerfeld, Waistcoat Zara, Clutch Smythsons, Hat Maison Michel, Belt (from Far East Plaza Singapore)and Bow tie Vintage.


  1. Jessica says:

    that’s such a super classic, adorable, and awesome working outfit of yours 🙂

  2. s says:

    Beautiful … SO chic ;D


  3. A great twist on classic pieces! Love the crocodile clutch.

  4. You are seriously killing me! You are amazing!! Love everything about this look. 🙂


  5. I really like the waistcoat!

  6. Sarah says:


    I wish I could work this for my job – however it requires the more ‘sensible’ (aka boring) approaches to clothes.

    Just means I need to have all the more fun with clothese whilst I’m not at work!

  7. Olá. Adoro seu blog. Você é lindaaa!!!
    Me ajuda a divulgar meu blog?

  8. Renée says:

    Love your trousers!


  9. Alexa says:

    I adore this outfit and the photos.. You look great!

  10. Snow Black says:

    That’s a lovely outfit you have got on there 😉

  11. Peony says:

    Glad you like the outfit. Although my mother had @Sarah’s feelings that this is not an outfit for most of the offices in the world!
    So funny!
    Nonetheless I like the idea of this look taking over the city.