Summer Floral Smocks

Every now and then things just come together. A few weeks ago I spent the afternoon with the wonderful ladies from Manolo Blahnik London, we went to the store and I chose a pair of shoes (every girls fantasy) and then we all went for fashion tea at the Berkeley Hotel, where the chef made special Manolo Blahnik cookies! It was the perfect afternoon.To celebrate such a wonderfully indulgent afternoon at the generous hands of Manolo Blahnik and The Berkeley, I wanted to shoot an outfit post featuring THE shoes.These are they and I hope you love them as much as I do.Thank you thank you Manolo Blahnik! I know my love for you will last a lifetime.

Shoes Manolo Blahnik (gifted)

Dress Peony Lim

Necklace Moxham (gifted)

Sunglasses Peony Lim

Iphone Case Esty

Bag Peony Lim


  1. LUBA says:

    Stunning dress Peony !! Do you sell it somewhere ?

    XX Luba

    Summery look with hat in my post today

  2. Adele says:

    The print on your smock is gorgeous! It sounds like a dreamy afternoon you spent. Love the sandals you chose. I have a very similar version from Zara.
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  3. Dina says:

    Dear Peony,

    Loved the outfit and love your style. Just a question (totally unrelated) I have linked up your blog to mine but it’s not showing the updates? I wonder why? (i am using blogger)

  4. What do MAnolo Blahnik cookies taste like?
    your hair looks so healthy, sigh. ANyway, love your outfit here! That bag is stunning, love this pink shade and it is huge! Love big bags.

  5. Wow beautiful photos! I adore the shoes and this big oversized bright shopper bag!!!! Must get! x

  6. I love that you manage to make a market-style plastic woven bag look that good. That’s quite a coup. Emma Louise Layla x

  7. Jaime says:

    LOVE the shoes (lucky you!) and LOVE your dress! V tempted to buy one…I love how you use ‘non conventional’ fabric! xoxo Bon Bon Girl