Princess Coats


This was the first proper winter coat I ever owned as an adult.

Stereotypically, my mother bought it for me (how else does one know we are all children always?!).  Funnily enough when I was trying it on, I wasn’t all that keen. I can remember her talking me into it, and yet it has become my most worn coat and one of my most beloved pieces. I always remind myself this, your mother tends to know what you will want in a year, even if she doesn’t understand what you want right now. Much the better too.

I bought this beautiful hat on my trip to Copenhagen recently. It’s the most wonderful winter hat.

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  1. Adele says:

    Mum always knows best!! Your Mum has impeccable style, I keep seeing glimpses of it through your blog.
    The silhouette of the coat is gorgeous & those boots are fierce – gorgeous combination!
    Hugs xoxo

  2. the hair is so gorgeous…

  3. Fiftn UK says:

    The whole ensemble is pretty but the hat is to die for, I love how cute and stylish is. I like the boots too.

  4. Snaps to your mum, this coat is incredible. And you really do look like a princess in it!

  5. sarwar says:

    thank you for sharing