Photos by Pete Navey
Boots Giles for Nine West, Tights Falke, Shorts Alice by Temperley (sample), Jumper H&M, Jacket Balmain, and Bag Chanel.
  1. In a cab
  2. Outside Ann Demeulemeester
  3. Candice Lake and Me in Paris
  4. The Eiffel town in Pete’s fingers!
  5. Messing around on the Metro
  6. With Miss Frassy outside Balmain
  7. The famed street style mirrors!
  8. Being photographed outside Balmain


  1. Lovely photos again. Your hair also always looks amazing – can I ask what tools you use to curl your hair please?

  2. Miss Kwong says:

    the pisare soooo fun i like seeing u laughing with others.

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    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  3. Nee says:

    love this jacket! so stunning:)


  4. lexi920 says:

    adorable shorts and major HAIR ENVY!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the shirts and the face. My God you’re gorgeous!

  6. Uli says:

    I landed here on your blog from Candice Lake. Wow I’m glad I clicked on her link. Your style is really stunning, I’m definitely following you for more. Very inspirational posts.

  7. Peony says:

    Thank you for the lovely comments. I am crazy about this jacket so it is awesome that you all liked it too. The picture of Candice and Me is still my fav from the whole of fashion month.

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