Meow Meow

These are a couple of photos from a shoot I styled for Pete Navey (the Peony Lim in house photographer!).  I think they turned out pretty cute... frilly pants and a cat hat is always a winner. The model is Maya.


  1. Absolutely stunning styling and photography. I love the simple black/white palette with bold red lips.

  2. Chanello says:

    Where is that cat hat from???

  3. Astrid says:

    Wow so YOU are the girl I saw everywhere on the streetstyle blogs! You’re amazing 🙂 I’m putting you on my blog tomorrow! Already put you in my blogroll. You’ve got a fan here.

    Poise & Vogue

  4. love the styling! Where’s the cat hat from? I’m heading to the races really soon and I’m all stuck for hat ideas!

  5. EIGHT LONDON says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t recognise Maya straight away! I love how you’re working together.

    So lovely to see you briefly at PFW x


  6. Peony says:

    Astrid – I am so glad you found my home! Thank you so much!

    Theincurablelibertine – It is from a French shop called Marie Mercie. Its amazing isnt it.

    Thank you for all the lovely comments. It was a really long day but I was really pleased with the results.