Mawi Black

Mawi London (see HERE!) asked me to take some pictures with their pieces for their blog (see HERE!), so I went forth and this is the first part of what I came up with.   When I bought this dress, I was told it was a vintage Mexican wedding dress.  I find this hard to believe but you never know.  I love the rustic detailing, it is somewhere between gothic and hippy. I like to ruff up outfits that are too ‘pretty’ with accessories. The jewellery I am wearing is a sneak peek at the new  collection ‘Pretty Tough’ from Mawi.  Each piece is jewelled and spiked, giving it a glam goth feel.

Shoes YSL

Dress vintage

Jewellery Mawi London (samples)



  1. that dress is stunning and teh heels look pretty amazing too

    as always amazing pictures


  2. Peony as beautiful as ever. This is an amazing dress. Xxxx

  3. Karena says:

    Peony I am so glad to find you through Sarah!! Love your site. I have a very fashionable giveaway coming up on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  4. holy moly, that dress is so so beautiful and you look perfect in it!

  5. RedHead says:

    I found you through ASOS Magazine – further proof that they know what’s hot! That dress is gorgeous.

  6. Andrea Reh says:

    Just found you through Sarah Klassen’s blog. Your hair is absolutely incredible, how do you get it like that?

    Andrea x

  7. Vera says:

    This is too dreamy for words. You look like a goddess!!

  8. This dress is amazing! Love the 7th picture!!!!

  9. Gorgeous lady in a gorgeous dress!!
    Will follow you…
    Best regards, Marjolijn (Belgium)

  10. Lianne says:

    Yay to black in warm weather! It’s very sexy in an elegant way. The sheer parts make it feel delicate and floaty but it keeps it’s strength through the colour and knots. Your hair, in the braids, adds to the crochet/knit handcrafted vibe. I also like that you’ve gone for a full look, not just an element, as it just demonstrates the beauty even more.

  11. Peony says:

    @The Fashion Cloud and Fashionstable – Thank you, I am glad you like them.

    @Karena – I am glad you found me too!

    @Maryam – Thank you, vintage!

    @Red Head – Glad you made it over here. Hope you like it.

    @Andrea – Thank you. I use various potions etc… see here!!!

    @vera – Thats so sweet! I wish!

    @timeforchange – Thank you.

    @Something White – Thank you for the support!

    @Lianne – Thank you for your thoughtful words. So touching.

  12. You look great in everything! Black in winter can be refreshing and chic too!

  13. Your looking so gorgeous in these pics. i like so much.

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