Look whose in my bag!

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Let me introduce you to the fabulous Miss Cinderella Lily Pants Pickle – don’t worry the name is really just Cinderella – she is the lately promised to Mr Cedric Pickle – our other lovely miniature dachshund. So here she is in all her splendour.  Enthroned in Fendi, she knows what she likes, she seems to be able to pick all the best shoes, no trainers to chew for her, just Manolo Blanik boots, Tods moccasins and Jimmy Choo slippers. I have had to be on high alert, so far she is just collecting not chewing so lets hope that continues!

So here is the serious – or rather bit more fashion based… so I guess no more serious just more standard for this blog – part of the post.  My first proper outfit post!!! Go me – well kind of I basically bullied Mr Peter Navey into taking my picture, I am not at all apt at the self take! How do people do it? Tips always welcome.
 Oh yup… here is my pussy cat. He has the most beautiful eyes so I thought that was worth a photo too! This is all very animals-are-us but whatever, everyone loves either dogs or cats so here is something for everyone.

Shoes by Pedder Red, Leggings from Singapore Far East Plaza, Fendi Bag, Fendi fur gilet, Chloe Jumper, and Zara Shirt.


  1. Amazing outfit, I am so hideously jealous of your wardrobe it’s not even real. Also rather jealous of your adorable pooch! I have to keep restraining myself from not getting one of my own, it’s just too tempting. X


  2. frances says:

    peony this is reee-diculous! amazing.
    much love! x

  3. The last shot belongs on the billboard at Piccadilly Circus.
    It is that good!

  4. Ruby Woo says:

    Sweetie you look fabulous! You’re killing em in that outfit xxox GRL

  5. bambisarmoire says:

    You look AMAZING! Head to toe you are definitely killin it 😉

  6. Wow i ♥ your outfit. You look so beautiful!
    ♥ milla


  7. Peony says:

    @La Petite Anglaise – Thanks! Trust me the dog is worth a million more than the wardrobe… She is totally irreplaceable and no matter how I look she loves me… well and everyone else, she is a bit of a flirt! hahaha

    @Frances – Love you babes!

    @the nyanzi report – Thanks pete is a super star!

    @Ruby Woo – Thanks babe!

    @bambisarmoire – Thanks so much!

    @Miss Pepper Vintage♥ – Thank you! I hope you continue to like the blog.

  8. Milanblogger says:

    love the one with the cat,catwoman!!!