Photos by Pete Navey
Boots Thakoon, Jeans A&F, Blouse Mar Jacobs, Coat and Scarf vintage, Bag Chanel, and Glasses Ottica Mantovani.
  1. In the car to Somerset House
  2. At Somerset House
  3. Walking to get lunch
  4. Reapplying the mandatory red lip post food
  5. Waiting at the Savoy before Maria Grachvogel
  6. Being shot outside the Savoy
  7. Being interviewed by a film crew at Somerset House


  1. Audrey says:

    Gorgeous look! What lipstick are you using?

  2. Snuffeldyret says:

    Beautiful as always!
    Is there any hope on getting a post on your favourite make up? I would also like to know what lipstick your wearing as I am searching for the perfect red..

  3. Vivienne says:

    You look gorgeous. Please please do a makeup post as your makeup always look so polished and immaculate. I would love to get some tips!

  4. Nahla says:

    Fur suits you very well….. and lipstick 🙂

  5. Peony says:

    I am working on how to do some beauty posts so please stay tuned. Glad you liked the first LFW outfit!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love your shades. where can i get them?

  7. Rica says:

    Oh my…. I wanna know ur lip color! You can totally be the lipstick’s spokeperson! Im in love. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  8. Mr Mockle says:

    What a gorgeous silver fox fur, Peony! You look fabulous in it!

    Mr Mockle

    Mr Mockle’s Models in Furs:

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