H&M and Lanvin

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I was one of those dedicated people who went to H&M on the day they released the collaboration with Lanvin and queued to get myself a piece of the action – call it tragic, call it lame, call it anything you like, I LOVE THIS DRESS!

Shoes Christian Louboutin, Tights Falke, Gloves Connonlly, Belt from a market in Singapore, Clutch also from Singapore (Far East Plaza), Dress Lanvin for H&M and Glasses Hugo Boss.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you from Singapore?

  2. Benedetta says:

    Well how the dress look so perfect on you really worth your queing!


  3. Tinapunk says:

    It’s never lame to wait for something awesome. If a H&M was close to me, I’d definitely wait.

  4. Peony says:

    @anon – No I’m not. Just love the city.

    @Cristina – thanks!

    @Benedetta – Glad you like the dress, the queuing was not so great!

    @Tinapunk – I know it is easy when you live in a city, although I have to say you can always get the stuff on ebay, its just a little bit more expensive.

  5. Me too! I actually spent the night outside waiting for the doors to open!! It was a complete disaster, but all so worth it!!