Dreaming of Italy Part 2.


Recently I’ve been thinking about my summer plans.  Where should I go, what I should do? Tanning and eating tend to be top of my list.

Which reminded of the great trip to Italy I had a few years ago. We drove from London across Europe (stopping in Venice and Florence)  ending up a few hours outside Rome in the beautiful secluded Palazzo Parisi.

Somehow I only just remembered I had these photographs. I did Part 1 forever ago.  The villa was so inspiring. Every room had something to admire and desire.

Now I’m working on my house, I’m obsessed with looking at interiors; in magazines, museums, Pinterest and on my travels.

Palazzo Parisi

Palazzo Parisi Oliveto 02030 Monteleone (Sabino) RI Italy

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Stay Palazzo Parisi Oliveto 02030 Monteleone (Sabino) RI Italy

Palazzo Parisi

The perfect summer villa rental.


  1. Adele says:

    Such dreamy Italian decor. Italy is one of my favourite destinations to visit.
    Hugs xoxo

  2. Victoria says:

    Love these pictures, Peony. That mural is to die for. I too am constantly redoing my home with vintage and flea market finds. Sometimes finding the perfect treasure is more fun than actual decorating part.