Day 1 NYFW SS13

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I was so excited for our first day in NYC this season.  I knew Yuna Yang would be the only show we would make it to, after we have caught a flight in to JFK that afternoon.  I had reason to be extra excited for the Yuna Yang show, as she was dressing me, we were shooting backstage and I had a front row seat. Now that's a winning combination that you dont get very often.  I felt very special indeed.  So these photos are the from the show, backstage, and the after party.
Outfit 1.
Top and Skirt Yuna Yang (samples), Coursarge H&M, Shoes Christian Louboutin, and Bag Chanel.
Outfit 2.
Dress by Yuna Yang (sample).
  1. On the street waiting for a cab.
  2. In cab on the way to the show.
  3. The press before the show.
  4. With the designer herself, Yuna Yang.
  5. Waiting clothes rails before the show.
  6. One of the hair kits.
  7. Beautiful make-up by Shiseido.
  8. A model in her first look, having her hair and make-up done.
  9. Braids.
  10. More braids.
  11. A model in her first look waitng to walk.
  12. A stylist just adds the finishing touches to a look.
  13. A model walks.
  14. Civil Twilight playing live at the after party.
  15. The lead singer in his groove.
  16. Me at the after party infront of the graffiti wall.
  17. The crowd at the after party.
  18. Yuna Yang’s Trainer collaboration with Canvas.
  19. The graffiti art at the after party.


  1. Joyce says:

    Hi Peony,

    Yuna Yang does lace embellishments so well! So exquisite.

    Love Joyce

  2. Duin bari says:

    I had a front side row chair. Now that’s a successful mixture that you don’t get very often.The seo best siteclutch

  3. Adele says:

    Peony you look stunning (as always but just needed to tell you!). I’m also loving all the lace I can see on the models, as well as the braids. Can’t wait for more of your coverage. Have fun!

  4. Mae says:

    The entire outfit matched the event perfectly. I love the entire ensemble. You look like a star. So glad this was the first show you got to, because, honestly, it’s my favorite out of all you covered!

    with love and aloha, Mae