Day 1 LFW AW2013

Fashion WeekLFW
Here is my first outfit from London Fashion Week. I wore a lot of flats as you know because of my ankle and these are a particular favourite of mine. They are so masculine and yet fun and glittery! Win Win. I just got back from Paris with a cold and post fashion month exhaustion. I can't wait to show you what I wore there and get some major Thumbelina time!

Shoes Church’s

Suede Jeans J Brand

Bag Jimmy Choo (sample sale)

Jacket Balmain (from the Outnet)

Shirt Hermes (sample sale)

Sunglasses Wildfox (gifted)


  1. FASHION SNAG says:

    I hope you feel better and get some sleep. I like how the bag really pops against the white layering on top!

  2. I love the curls in your hair! You look spectacular lady 🙂

  3. I just found your blog via Refinery 29, it’s been a great visit! I admire your passion/love for vintage <3 Have a lovely day.


  4. Huyen says:

    you look beautiful in white, so classy.

  5. Lottie Kerr says:

    Stunning! I love everything you’re wearing, perfect spring time look x

  6. Anna Black says:

    You looks so lovely Peony, I always love your photos, really like this look on you!!

  7. I didn’t know Wildfox made sunglasses. More importantly: never, ever cut your hair, Peony!!

  8. g.ta says:

    awesome outfit..loved it..=`)


  9. Love this classic combination. You look great!

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I also managed to snap a shot of you during fashion week (you can see it here: which also ended up getting shared on ELLE Swedens website ( I just wanted to show you since I think you look stunning in it 🙂

    All my best,

  11. saç kaynak says:

    I love the white jacket and wonderful combination with bag!

  12. You have the prettiest eyes ever,aw….i wish i had your eyes !!

  13. Oliver Bliss says:

    Stunning images,you look so pure 🙂

  14. These photos are so beautiful!the blazer is perfection!

  15. Golf Apparel says:

    Flats are ideal when traveling or when you have certain problems on standing long. It is also recommended if your are working on for long hours. It would not strain the muscles causing ankle pain.

  16. EMA says:

    Gorgeous hair, perfect blazer!! You are so incredibly elegant!!


  17. Milly says:

    I love white blazers so much. They’re so classy. Unfortunately they’re not life friendly -or at least my clumsy coffee glugging life! My blazer from last year is ruined 🙁 And dry cleaning couldn’t get the stains out!

  18. jessica says:

    gorge! hope you loved LFW as much as I did! check out my street style pictures? <3 <3

  19. very beautiful and amazing

  20. Bostonista says:

    So pretty! You look like an editor instead of a blogger- and thats always my goal!


  21. Beth says:

    Love this outfit! Visit my new blog bethellastyle to see my style picks! XX

  22. Susan Graves says:

    Wonderful in black and white.You are really looking gorgeous and chic.