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I have wanted to use black and white photos for ages now, but I never want to loose any excitement from the colour of the clothes. This outfit was the perfect opportunity to do it since the whole outfit was black and white anyway!  I love this shirt.  I have it in black as well, and it is so beautiful in real life.  I remember being obsessed with this collection by Stefano Pilati and the runway show that went with it.  The catwalk was covered in purple Pansies, it was just stunning. (See HERE!)

Boots Topshop

Leather-look Leggings Singapore (Far East Plaza)

Shirt Yves Saint Laurent

Cape Maison Martin Margiela

Hat The New York Hat Company

Clutch vintage


  1. cclarebear says:

    Those photos are amazing! There are some great textural elements to the outfit and I agree with you – that’s an amazing shirt.

  2. Arietta says:

    The shirt is so beautiful and I love the whole look! :))

  3. marialε says:

    love it! the shirt is so romantic!
    My Fashion Bug

  4. Mae Lu says:

    Wow, the textures of this ensemble and the different pieces here are really something else, Peony!

    I love the jacket, but I think the stand out is definitely that blouse. WOW.

    I’d be obsessed… except I probably can’t afford it.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. Wooo we have the same boots, along with Nat at Canned Fashion. Good choice – they’re amazing xxx

  6. maggie says:

    that shirt is so beautiful! i understand why you have it in two colors. love the whole look ^^

    xx maggie

  7. jas says:

    beautiful shirt. the shoes look amazing as well

  8. *sunday* says:

    great idea, love the yellow line against the B&W. You look stunning

  9. M says:

    Absolutely dreamy! Love your cape 🙂 So jealous!

    <3 from San Francisco

  10. Love the details in this outfit! The shirt is from one of my favourite YSL collections too :).

  11. definitely want to get a pair of these boots after seeing these photos!


  12. Peony says:

    Anna – Best boots ever, wish I had bought both colours now.

    Sipping green tea – It was an amazing collection.

    Jennifer – I hope you went and got them. I love them.

    Glad you all liked the shirt. It really is something special.

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