Barely There

So this is the second beauty tutorial by Kay Montano and me for Because. (See the first HERE!)  I love this look. I was really passionate about doing a bare make-up look.  I think it's the most wearable and flattering look for all women, so I felt that a tutorial would really work well and be helpful.  Kay obviously added some spice to it, and the result is a nude and sable look, perfect for day to night.  You can see the original post HERE!

Top and Shirt Vintage.


  1. Adele says:

    Totally love this stripped back look.
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  2. Love this tutorial! Cant wait for more :))

    Ami Schaheera

  3. Peony says:

    Sorry Roula I by mistake deleted your comment!
    Here it is though x

    You look different in these photos… in a good way of course!

  4. omg you look compeltely different, I almost couldnt recognise you! I guess this is more drug heroine chic, in a good way!

  5. Carly says:

    I like this look on you, something a bit different to your regular make up. I disagree with the drug heroine chic comment though. Peony, you have amazing eyelashes! Even without mascara on they look so nice and lush. Do you use any lash serum/conditioner? (Or maybe you’re just blessed hehe)

  6. you look amazing! You have such flawless skin I wouldn’t cover it up ever if I were you! My skin sucks so I need foundation and coverup (which probably only makes my skin worse. its a brutal cycle!) and its my dream to just have perfect skin and wear only mascara and lip color and be amazing.

    • Peony says:

      Everyone thinks they have way worse skin than they do. You probably have great skin.
      Try and see a dermatologist they always know how to help as well as put your skin in perspective. Double win!

  7. Daria says:

    I love these videos so much! As the others said, you look so different, but I like it. You´re an alterable woman!

    Daria from