Old and New Summer Classics

I love a pair of suiting shorts. If you've followed me for a while, you might remember some other similar outfits. This one is a bit softer and more feminine. I bought the shirt a long time ago at an Hermes sample sale (when they still existed in London - tragic nostalgia for that one).

Shoes c/o Sarah Flint

Short Vanessa Bruno

Top Victoria Secret

Shirt Hermes

Basket Bag (a press gift from Hermes Fragrance)

Necklace vintage

Rings mostly Cartier

Earrings c/o Liang and Rudolf

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Six Senses Seyshelles


This resort is the most perfect little island. You feel like you’re on a set for Jurassic Park (without any of the dinosaur danger).

Eat, Stay Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Felicite, Seychelles

Heavenly Boulders

This resort was everything I could have dreamed of. We originally planned to visit for our honeymoon, but then Matthew got appendicitis and we never made it out there. When everything was back to normal we booked to go over our wedding anniversary instead. After all the build up, we were both a bit worried it might not live up to the hype. We originally chose the resort for two main reasons. One, it was very small, with very few rooms, we wanted a private island feeling, and to have maximum privacy in our room. Two, when we first booked it, the resort was brand new, so we thought everything would be lovely and fresh still. The reason the Seychelles is so beautiful still and remarkably under-developed (in comparison to similar tourist spots) is because currently the government is not allowing over water buildings. For me this is a huge part of the appeal. (The reason for this is that so often resorts are expanded on tiny islands to host hundreds of guests by building accommodation over water – that there would never have been room for on land).

The resort itself is beautifully designed, impeccably kept and is run with beautiful service, thoughtful extras and a stunning spa. However I know you are all expecting those things as a given as this price point. So I wanted to highlight some of the reasons it really stands out to me, and why I wouldn’t think twice about booking it again. Firstly, the island itself is stunning. More than half is a nature reserve and wont ever be developed. They are also running an extensive coral regrowth program to keep it exceptional. The look of the Seychelles, with it’s enormous boulders and pristine white sand beaches, is quite wonderful. Secondly, the rooms are exceptionally private. We couldn’t even see another room from ours, and there was no possible way of being over looked (we were in room 51), sunbathing naked to your hearts desire. If you were a family I think rooms 29 and 30 would be lovely, because they are next to each other, by the largest beach, which is out on it’s own end point of the island. Thirdly, the beaches, there are several and most seem completely empty a lot of the day. Matthew and I spent many happy hours alone walking, beach combing, talking and sunbathing along them.

If you’re looking for a resort to completely switch off in luxury at, this might just be what the doctor ordered.

Flower Fight Lunch

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The perfect lunch in France.
Stay Chateau du grand luce

During our weekend at the Chateau du Grand Luce we had numerous wonderful and memorable meals. One that stands out is this alfresco lunch. We decorated the table ourselves with roses we cut from the the cutting garden and we arranged the seating with a pack of cards. You need two packs of cards and what you do is lay a card under each plate, then you let each guest pick a random card from the second pack thats a duplicate, they then find they own matching seat card. It’s lots of fun and means people get all mixed up each meal. ¬†We then sat down to the most delicious four courses. However before pudding things escalated when flower petals were thrown as confetti – this somehow became a flower fight! It was hilarious! It should be noted that nothing was broken or damaged (apart from the flowers which sadly wouldn’t have kept since they were cut for the table and out of water for several hours during the meal anyway) and the staff were lovely and found it all very funny too. You might be able to spot a few familiar faces here. Kit was behind the camera, but Hannah (too of Three Dumplings Podcast) was also there. The lovely Steph from By Babette and Hermione are also featured.