Train Driver

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This is one of my favourite outfits ever from Chanel. I love the timeless feel to the tailoring. The references to Karl - in the high white collar and buttons are a beautiful touch. It's not often that I feel thrilled with an outfit, but this one made me feel amazing. Which should really be the true test of any clothes, do you feel as good as you want to look?  

All clothes c/o Chanel

Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Bag c/o Chanel

Watch c/o Vintage Watch Company

The Dinner Before

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The night before my end of 30th birthday.

Stay Chateau du grand luce

The night before my birthday, we had a black tie dinner. Everyone had arrived that day and it was fun to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. I had spent most of the day shooting fashion stories with Kit, and Matthew had been helping my mother to arrange the flowers in the dining room. So it was a lovely end to a busy day. I decided to re-wear one of my wedding dresses. I know it sounds odd, but I felt like it was such a lovely dress and if not on your 30th birthday weekend – then whenever again?! I tore the skirt but it was such a happy outing for it! With the Christmas party season upon us, I thought why not share some dinner party images, incase they help you plan your own.

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