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My guide to British style. Eclectic style tips needed for uniquely english events.

What to wear

Knowing what to wear can be a struggle, the rare times I stand in my closet and panic, I remember how some people feel like that all the time. So I thought it might be helpful to share with you how I work out what to wear to events.
First of all establish what kind of event it is (ie. Morning Dress, Black Tie, Smart Daywear, Smart Casual etc). Below you will find my more specific guides to Day and Night events.
Then decide where to shop! I always look at discount options first – partly because often memorable event wear can only be worn a couple of times because its too recognisable. Bicester Village is obviously the ultimate. The selection of stores is massive (and getting bigger), it’s a great day trip (I love having lunch in the Farmshop) and I almost always find something I am looking for.

I teamed up with Bicester Village and their travel partner Blenheim Palace to create this editorial of three event outfits. I obviously chose things that were very special because the setting was so breathtaking. For more ideas of what to wear always check my Fashion category. My next event to dress for is Monday of Chelsea Flower Show (as you know I often go to the Royal and Press Day of Chelsea with my mother and I will be again this year).

You can find out more about Bicester Village and Follow Blenhiem here. There are lots of great places to visit near Bicester so always have a look at their recommendations before you plan a trip.



I'm Wearing

Look 1.
Oscar de La Renta Gown
Jimmy Choo Shoes

Look 2.
Tory Burch Coat
Anna Fontaine Blouse
Sandro Jeans
Maje Boots

Look 3.
Marni Cardi
Oscar de la Renta Skirt
Sergio Rossi Shoes

All these pieces are current stock at Bicester Village.


The variety of day events that take place in England that require specific clothes are too numerous to name, from Chelsea Flower Show to weekends in the country, your wardrobe needs to be flexible enough to work in lots of different ways. Some brands are particularly good at cross over pieces. Anna Fontaine specialises is beautiful blouses like this one. They can be worn with jeans and ballet pumps for a pub lunch, or dressed with an evening skirt from Oscar de la Renta for a Black Tie dinner. A statement blouse is well worth investing in. I also think a printed coat is a great multi purpose piece. I wear them to everything from weddings to walks in the country (I totally agree with the advice in Debrett’s and Bicester Village  ‘Guide to British Style’ in this respect – stay well away from anything bright or shiny for the country – think neutrals and natural fibres). Tweed coats are particularly versatile. Tory Burch does a great selection.


I think evening events can often be the most challenging to dress for. Smart casual is a hole to stick you head into. Does that mean jeans? Should I wear heels or designer trainers? Will everyone else be in dresses or come straight from work? These questions are often shared amongst friends via WhatsApp at length on the day of the event. Fortunately in England there are often very clear guides – black tie, cocktails etc. Which it is obvious what to wear for. So although I am included inspiration images here of Black tie I’m sure you all know the drill and options for beautiful gowns. I love black tie shopping at Bicester – I often find pieces in Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Dior there.

My advise for the more vague categories is – mix something smarter with something more casual to look different and ensure you’re neither over dressed nor under. For example a cashmere jumper (I love the N Peal ones) with lots of statement jewellery, heels and jeans – can be great for smart casual drinks parties and dinners. Equally an embellished skirt or dress with a biker jacket or denim jacket will always work, often paired with a white shirt. I also think suede and leather is a great option, I normally wear leather or suede trousers, but a dress, skirt or jacket can be super luxury without being over done, often when paired with boots.

Bridal Beauty Base

The base is the beginning and the end of everything makeup wise. If you don't get it right it wont matter what you do on top, it will never work out how you want it to. This is my guide for how to create your perfect bridal beauty base that will last.

I always turn to the same products when I want to create the perfect makeup base and set the finished look for a big event. Whether it’s your wedding day or just going to the races, this is how to apply flawless makeup that will last. This is the method and products I use to keep my makeup flawless all day and night.

  1. First I will always wash my face with Eve Lom Cleanser (like my Bedtime routine) and apply Skinceuticals Redness Neutralizer.
  2. After this has absorbed I use a Primer all over my face apart from my eyes. For my eyes I apply a separate Eye Shadow Base. Then I use a Lash Curler.
  3. Then I apply my foundation followed by my concealer and then a Prep Highlighter primer. I will always set this with two kinds of powders. One specially for the under eye area and one for the rest of my face. I use Brightening Powder for Under-eyes which I press on with a damp medium sized Beauty Blender and then Loose Finishing Powder or Pressed Finishing Powder for the rest of my face with a large powder brush.
  4. After I have finished my eye makeup – the last step is lashes. I love Individual Lashes but these Strip Lashes are very natural too. There are lots of Lash Glues, one of the best ones is Duo. Obviously the last thing you want to do is damage your lashes, so using a Lash Glue Remover really helps safety remove them.
  5. Finally and possibly my most important step is MAC Fix+. I cant live without this Setting Spray. It really keeps everything looking flawless all day. I give myself a really generous spritz and keep my eyes shut until it feels dry.

I have tried and tested this combination for shoots, events and all weather conditions. It really is the best combination for my skin type (dry to normal). If you have oily skin definitely try and use matt primers and really press the powder into you skin, it can also be helpful to carry oil absorbing tissues during the day. On the other hand, if you have very dry skin use as little powder as possible.

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Wheat Fields

Under the heat of the sun, the wheat grows tall and strong. Gabrielle Chanel believed in luck. Wheat represents rejuvenation, abundance, prosperity, endless creativity and luck. Les blés de Chanel is a collection inspired by this love of wheat and all it represents. Wheat was a motif that Gabrielle used all over her apartment. This collection uses it to create organic elegant shapes to embellish your body. The 62 limited edition pieces have life and movement in them. They are waiting just to catch the light and flutter, like a field in summer. Vicki helped me create this editorial to share with you. I hope it captures the heat of the summer and blinding brilliance of the stones.